This textbook is intended for students from speciality "Ship Machines and Mechanisms" in Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy for the discipline "Mechanics of Materials". It is not a detailed and comprehensive course for this discipline. The author aims to present the content in the most accessible and illustrated way. Besides, all examples aim to show the applicability of the theory in the future work of students, namely the operation of ship machinery and mechanisms. The knowledge acquired in this discipline is a theoretical foundation in the study of special disciplines.

Seaworthiness is the ability of vessels to sail as well as to remain stable on the water surface, to provide normal living conditions for the people and safe ship operation which does not endanger the environment. The Maintain of Seaworthiness of the Ship Teaching Guide covers the IMO 7.03 and 7.04 Model Courses for the education of ship officers.
The course to Technical Mechanics is designed for students of non-mechanic specialties studying shortened course to mechanics. It considers the basic issues of “Theoretical Mechanics” and “Mechanics of Materials” according to syllabuses for specialties “Navigation” and “Exploitation Fleet and Ports” and other non-mechanical specialties.
The subject “Geodesy, Cartography and Sailing” have 4 parts - Geodesy, Cartography, Hydrography and Sailing. Part Geodesy contains information for the Earth, for the coordinate systems and for the geodesic tasks in navigation. Part Cartography contains information for the cartographic projections, for Mercator projection and for the plotting sheets in Mercator projection. In part Hydrography are described the hydrographic researches. In part Sailing have information for the nautical charts, publications and their corrections, system IALA and the navigational devices for the safety of navigation.

This is a web-based textbook for students who participate in the GMDSS-General Operator Certificate course (GMDSS - GOC) at the Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy Varna and for watch keeping officers whose certificate has expired and who thus require re-validation. The book will prepare the students to be examined by the Executive Agency "Maritime Administration” (EA”MA”) of Bulgaria according to the requirements of the State Standards for GMDSS - GOC.

The course corresponds to the recommendations for training of maritime radio personnel as outlined in the Annex 3 to International Maritime Organization's Resolution A.703(17) and to the requirements of IMO International convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping, STCW 78/95 and Ordinance No.6 on the seafarers competency in the Republic of Bulgaria of the Minister of Transport, Information technologies and Communications (Ord.No.6/05.04.2012) of Bulgaria.

The Machine Elements handbook is intended for marine engineers. It is based on the IMO Model Course 7.04 “Officer in charge of an Engineering Watch”. It is mostly practically oriented.
The overall aim of the textbook is to familiarize the students with an experience-based knowledge and to train them reading properly ship hull and machinery drawings. The course is designated both for Deck officers and Marine engineers, with a different accent on the machinery part. Educational criteria of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) are followed up in compliance with the IMO Model Courses STW 44-3-5 - Model Course – Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch and STW 44-3-6 - Model Course – Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch.